Paying It Forward

Though our goal with this site is to clearly advertise our photography and marketing services to those in need, some may stumble on this site for inspiration for shooting their own interiors, or perhaps beginning a hobby/profession in shooting interiors, which I wholeheartedly encourage!

In fact, I taught a class a little while ago for SkillShare on how to shoot interiors. It's a super rudimentary course but (I hope) it's enough to get anyone who is interested started and maybe inspire them to continue shooting interiors.

An Online Skillshare Class by Alex Staniloff

Hello London!

This is Alex, founder of London Property Photos, excited to write the first post in our blog! I'll be contributing some projects of past and new, inspirations, a guest blog here or there, and anything else that I'd love to share!

I'll kick off the blog with a cool project that I shot for a fabulous architecture and design team. Though it was quite a large flat (3 bedrooms), I decided to pick my top shots from the shoot. Enjoy!