Photos vs Reality

I'm a big fan of Reddit and particularly the discussions about photography. One thread caught my eye recently about the debate of a photo's authenticity and when does compositing and retouching something take away the reality of the photo's subject. 

A great deal of estate agents that I have dealt with have asked me to make their listings look "big" and I always yield to what my client wants but there's a point where you can push things too far that a potential buyer or letter will enter the space and become flushed with disappointment. It's a bit of a push and pull.

We do a lot of editing here on our photos but it's only to flatter the best qualities of the spaces we shoot and try to improve the others. There's an adage that clutter is a sign of life but naturally you want your listing to look clean because you only have a buyer's attention for a split-second before they move onto another listing.

There's an image below from a shoot last week where there was a children's room in the flat. Naturally, there was WAY too much clutter to move but it still needed to look clean so the owner and I took out a good amount of toys and kept the floor open to add some space to the room. I just looked for anything that distracted the eye too much and took away from the space and the beautiful natural light. I think we did a pretty good job but perhaps we could've taken it further.